I’ve shared the story about the first time I met Steven Morrison before. It was nearly 20 years ago, in L.A., just as he arrived back from an international peace conference in Croatia. I was immediately struck by how comfortable he seemed in his own skin and how unconditionally at peace he was, while also totally accessible, raw and authentic. We hit it off right away.

At the time, Steven was several years into Spiritual Workout, a practice he created based on the everyday application of 15 ancient, universally spiritual concepts. Steven had transformed his psychotherapy practice into Spiritual Workout after seeing the limits of psychotherapy and the possibilities Spiritual Workout presented in solving problems (and creating realities devoid of them).

At first, I must admit, the NYC, cool, critical thinker, “realistic,” intellectual, egoic mind in me was a little put off by some of what Steven shared. I was like, what in the cheeseball, Cali, new age spiritual, self-help, made-for-SNL bullshit is this!

And yet, I also recognized that most of the concepts were core values and beliefs I had already held. I always enjoyed how I felt when in Steven’s company because of his demeanor and wisdom, so I figured there must be something to this practice. Plus, it wasn’t like I was having much success with other (conventional) approaches or life perspectives toward being happy, healthy and living a life of purpose and meaning.

Something told me to suspend my judgment and open up.

Looking back, nearly 20 years later, I’m so glad I did. I credit Steven and his work for being instrumental in so many aspects of my personal development and life:

*being a creator, entrepreneur and business owner for over 10 years
*being bicoastal for nearly 10 years
*getting over the fear of flying
*creating interdependent relationships vs. codependent ones
*letting go of limiting beliefs and creating expansive ones
*understanding the power of intentions
*being compassionate and understanding what that truly means
*becoming less judgmental
*becoming more open-minded and open-hearted
*taking responsibility for my life and understanding what that truly means
*learning how to connect with loved ones dealing with addiction or mental instability
*learning how to deal with “difficult” people
*understanding acceptance
*prioritizing inner validation and alignment
*understanding the value and purpose of relationships in our lives
*creating and living a 20-year relationship with my significant other on our own terms
*understanding death and getting over the fear of it
*lessening fear, anxiety and irritability
*becoming more present
*becoming less fearful of uncertainty
*being in charge vs. in control
*evolving my relationship with money
*cultivating a possibility-based mindset and life approach
*genuinely being of service
*being more at ease, feeling more empowered and having more fun in life

I know I’m missing some things…it has been nearly 20 years! But this is a good snapshot of the ways of being and kinds of experiences I’ve had applying the practice and working with Steven.

I always believed that so many could really benefit from what Steven has to offer and now, via Patreon, so many around the world can.

As it says on their homepage, Patreon “powers membership businesses for creators.” I told Steven I would partner with him and help him create, run and produce his Patreon account if he was open. He was.

So, as of TODAY, November 1, 2018, all that Steven creates—articles, videos, books, classes, clinics, workshops, courses, etc.—will reside on patreon.com/MorrisonSteven.

And all of that means:

• Weekly Online Drop-In Classes (starting Mon 11/05)
• Weekly Intention-Setting Clinics (starting Tue 11/06)
• Weekly E.F.T./”Tapping” Clinics (starting 11/07)
• Regularly-Scheduled Workshops (starting when we reach our First 100 members)
• Online Courses (TBD)
• Other Online Classes (TBD)

On all kinds of subjects:

• Relationships
• Finances
• Work/Job/Career
• Loss
• Heartbreak
• Anxiety and Depression
• Physical Health
• Fear/Doubt/Uncertainty
• Leadership
• Business
• Politics/Government

For all kinds of people:

• Parents
• Couples
• Artists
• Teens
• Those Who Are Unemployed
• Entrepreneurs
• College Students
• Government Employees
• Office Holders/Candidates/Politicians
• Activists
• Addicts
• Attorneys
• Investors
• Teachers
• Singles Who Prefer to Be Coupled

For as little as $5/month, you can begin to dive into this powerful work and participate at whatever level feels good to you (there are three).

And there’s a special bonus for the First 100 monthly members. Check out “Goals” on the Overview.

Right now, when you head over to patreon.com/MorrisonSteven, you will be able to:

• Look at “Posts” to get a sense of the kinds of content and offerings that will be forthcoming.

• See what you’ll get by becoming one of the First 100 patrons.

• Consider what your regular support could mean for you, as you grow.  And what your growth could mean for the world, since we are all connected and all that.

• Share the page (easy from there) with anyone that might like and appreciate and benefit from it.

My hope is that you’ll check out the Patreon page should you feel intrigued and see if it calls you to become a patron. I’m excited to see this work get out more and have greater impact in the world – eager to see how it all unfolds!

As Steven says in his signature, chill (sometimes still amusing to me lol) way, “Come on over and let’s work out some stuff.”

Much love,