If you’re not able or willing to read the post below, have a listen to the audio above. 

I recently came across a description of what constitutes a solid sense of self that was so clear, enlightening and inspiring. It is from psychotherapist James Masterson’s Search for the Real Self, and includes:

The capacity to experience a wide variety of feelings, as well as an ability to soothe painful feelings in a positive way;

The ability to express your thoughts and feelings authentically to another person without too much fear of either being engulfed or abandoned;

The capacity to tolerate your own aloneness;

The healthy sense of entitlement that life holds good things for you and that you deserve to have them;

The ability to assert your individuality and authenticity in the world; and

A stability of self, meaning that you are always aware that you are the same person regardless of who you are with, what you are doing, or the current circumstances (both good and bad) of your life.

As we can see, having such a solid sense of self is integral to self-actualization. So, I reflected on where I was with each facet in the description and saw where I was strong and growing, and also where I needed to put more intention and focus. It was a powerful exercise for deepening self-awareness, gratitude and integrity.

What about you? Where are you with this “solid sense of self”?