In the past few weeks, there have been a couple of series and films that have captured our hearts and minds…

Wild Wild Country: A documentary series about a controversial Indian guru and his followers who set up what some may view as an intentional community and others as a cult on a remote location in Oregon in the early 80s. What ensues in the next couple of years is laid out in a way that compels us to explore and question spirituality, humanity, religion, society, values, ethics, transformation, vision, actualization, power, force, love, evil and a host of other matters related to consciousness. The story is shocking and the fact that we have never heard of it is even more shocking.

Roxanne Roxanne: A stunning, hard-hitting biopic on Roxanne Shante, the first female solo artist in hip hop. Beyond seeing her emergence in the 80s hip hop scene, which will give anyone who’s grown up in 80s New York all the feels, we get a close look into Roxanne’s personal development outside of the music. The film does a great job of portraying complicated and multi-dimensional people, dynamics and relationships, and reminding the public of a young woman’s impact in the art form.

Behind the Curtain:Todrick Hall: An inspiring documentary on the making of artist and performer Todrick Hall’s visual album and musical about growing up as a black gay male in Texas and becoming successful in showbiz. We get to follow Todrick as he goes from idea to album launch and musical tour, and experience powerful creativity unfolding before our eyes. It would give anyone in their creative process the boost they’d like, and show anyone just how essential creativity is to life.