The Liberated One

What does it mean to be a liberated being?

We’re always hearing people say they want to be free. And yet, when you ask people to describe what freedom looks like, they have a hard time envisioning it or view freedom solely through the lens of financial freedom, or other external, material sources.

While money can provide financial freedom by offering us more appealing lifestyle choices, funding what we feel called to do, manifesting our visions and helping us leave unpleasant or dysfunctional circumstances (abusive relationships, stifling jobs, etc.), there is something more fundamental than money at play that allows us to have and make these choices: unconditional love of ourselves.

When we have unconditional love for ourselves, we hold an inherent sense of worthiness: that we’re worthy of love and belonging without condition; that we matter, no matter what. This is what gives us the power to create what we feel called toward (healthy loving relationships, bodies, businesses, work, wealth, social movements, etc.) and the power that allows us to leave or reject what doesn’t serve us.

Having money without unconditional love for ourselves, for example, won’t completely allow us to break free from dysfunctional relationships; we wouldn’t believe we are worthy of relationships that value us since we wouldn’t even value ourselves.

Having money without unconditional love for ourselves won’t allow us to build movements since we would believe we’re not worthy of realizing the world we envision; be susceptible to naysayers for fear of losing or not getting love or acceptance; or be distrustful […]

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