Welcome to DEPTH. I’m Delilah De La Rosa, an intellectually and spiritually curious being with the intention of creating a place where we can reflect and connect on matters related to the mind, the soul and the world, all at once.

Since I was a youngster, I’ve always had a strong sense there was more to what I could see on the surface, fascinated with learning why people believe and behave in the ways they do, and why the world is the way it is. From my childhood discussions on race and gender with family, my Adolescent Psychology, Experiencing God and American History classes in junior high, my introduction to Quakerism in high school, my sociocultural Anthropology major in college, my near 20-year career in brand development, media and communications, to my conscious exploration of personal and world transformation, I’ve made it my life’s work to peel back the layers, get to the core, land on understanding and compassion, and take action based on this wisdom.

Along the way, I’ve come to know three big things for sure:

1) our beliefs and behavior are learned and informed by many sources

2) they matter

3) by having the awareness of 1) and 2), and proceeding with wise action, we can help evolve the world into one that’s more conscious, expansive, harmonious and just.

That’s why for years I’ve worked and continue to work with thought leaders, luminaries and changemakers who champion a new consciousness–one rooted in love, abundance, harmony and justice–by helping them share their work widely, spark movements, and make big impact.

I’ve seen that with this new consciousness comes a new way to view, approach and experience life. It’s now essential that we have converging discussions of the mind, soul, society and culture. It’s essential that we see and inhabit the intersection of the intellectual and the spiritual. And it’s essential that we acknowledge and hold sacred the relationship between our inner and outer lives.

This is why I decided to create this platform, one where we can embark on an in-depth and holistic exploration of life. DEPTH is a space where you’ll find insight, ideas, wisdom and inspiration as we explore society and culture through the lens of psychology and spirituality.

I believe once people who are called to this space find it, the opportunities for personal and world transformation are endless. For me, DEPTH is not only a place that keeps me intellectually and spiritually energized, it’s a way for me to do my part in evolving the world into one that is more conscious, expansive, harmonious and just.

Much love,


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